“They desperately long to express themselves, But they are Speechless.”
“They wait to hear a few words of affection, But all they can listen to is silence.”
“They live in black; We work towards making it Colorful.”

We, at Manav Kalyan Trust, attempt to be the canvas against which these gifted children can experience a life full of colors and become what they are meant to be!

Inspired by this thought Shri. Mahesh Kothari established Manav Kalyan Trust on 26th May 1970 to provide shelter for mentally challenged children, deaf and dumb children as well as children suffering from multiple disabilities. At Manav Kalyan Trust, the emotion of love flows in every heart and an inspiration to be able to bring about a difference reside in every action. It is in such an environment that every child is nurtured and molded into a self-sufficient human. And this is made possible by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals consisting of Skilled Teachers, Care Staff, Physiotherapists, Speech & Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists. They ensure that every child receives proper attention, his talents and accomplishments are acknowledged and appreciated and they live life to the fullest.

  • 1.
    Our Vision

    To be among the most admired and trusted NGO in the fields of Special Education and Rehabilitation of the mentally and physically challenged children and adults in society.

  • 2.
    Our Mission

    We set up institutional infrastructure and resources centers to deliver quality care, education and allied services by adopting modern scientific approaches, processes, initiatives and programmes with a view to.... Help and enable our beneficiaries in attaining and enhancing their life skills and abilities to live normal life in the mainstream society.

  • 3.
    Our Values and Group Behaviours

    Registered under Persons with Disability Act 1995 – No. 69/1 Dt. 10/7/2013
    Registered under National Trust Act 1999 – No. 0631 Dt. 09/01/2009
    Registered with Income Tax Act 1961 for Income Tax Exemption under section 80 G(5)
    No. CIT/VLS/TECH/MKT/2007-08/09 Dt. 17/08/2007
    Income Tax PAN – AAATM3958R
    Registered under Foreign Contribution (R)Act 2010. – No. 042000081