P. S. Kothari Multipurpose School for the Speech & Hearing Impairnment

A child is like wet cement, every experience creates an impression. With a firm belief in this philosophy, the P.S. Kothari Multipurpose School was laid in 1970, to provide deaf children with rich experiences in life and create valuable impressions on the hearts and minds of these children.

The foundation of P.S. Kothari Multipurpose School was laid by the then President of India Shri V.V.Giri. Here primary vocational training and vital activities for the development of both body & mind are provided to these children. This special school for the children with speech and hearing impairments and Physical handicaps have been imparting education to resident student and day scholars since the year 1971. It has rendered unique service to society offering well blended mainstream education and special life-skills to these special children totally free of charge. With its excellent facilities and well-designed infrastructure this campus has been acclaimed as one of the best in the state of Gujarat. Our aim has always remained to make it the model campus in the service of the very special children of God.

At P S Kothari Multipurpose School for speech & hearing impairment, children are valued as individuals and experience high-quality learning, which is dynamic, imaginative and creative. All learning is relevant to the children’s lives and encourages life skill. Through stimulating teaching methods and resources, pupils are encouraged to take risks and to challenge themselves. All children are supported to develop a deeper understanding of them, enabling them to grow into responsible members of society.

M. S. Kothari Secondary School for the Speech & Hearing Impairnment

Manav Kalyan Trust has started secondary school in memorable Tribute to great departed soul Late Shri Maheshbhai Kothari during June 2013. Today, MSKSS provides a free comprehensive day and residential secondary school program for speech & hearing impaired students.

MSKSS students are expected to be educating for the challenges of adult life. It is our goal to provide students with an academically rigorous program so they will become self-directed, independent, resourceful learners who demonstrate essential knowledge, literacy, with adequate social and communication skills necessary to be effective, productive, and contributing members of society.

MSKSS provides students with an academically precise program to enable them to become self-directed, independent, and resourceful learners. Classroom instruction is designed to address each student's Individualized Education Program.

Balaji School for the Mentally Challenged

They smile, they laugh, they play, and they cry in moments of despair, they long for affection, a touch that says I care, All we need to do is Listen and Be there! As an attempt to care for the mentally retarded children, to give them an encouraging environment, to identify their talents and nurture them, Shri. Balaji Residential School was inaugurated in the year 1992. It has brought smiles to hundreds of faces, hopes in thousands of hearts and a purpose in life in millions of lives. This school was uniquely conceived, designed and built in 1992 keeping in mind the need of very special children of God the one who are afflicted with variety of mental challenges. The campus provides excellent facilities to resident and day scholars.

It offers a well balanced educational paradigm where normal and special education streams are well blended and meaningfully structured keeping in mind each childs’ personal and therapeutic needs as well as challenges. Variety of approaches and education methods are designed for these children by our faculty members and educators. Indeed it has earned a very special place in the hearts of it students and their parents.

Mamta Mandir support at present, nearly 192 children at our school. We endeavor to provide scientific diagnostic services to children with mental retardation in order to determine the degree of mental retardation identify developmental needs and recommend appropriate training to achieve maximum level of performance. We, inter disciplinary team experts such as Special Educators, Physiotherapist, impart structured age appropriate, individualized training. We also impart training in skills such as self – help, communication, interaction, functional academics, domestic chores, leisure time activities and community orientation. Children from neighbourhood areas attend the school as day students.

Core Activities of the Balaji School

Education / training to the Mentally challenged
Training in Daily Living Skills
Recreational activity
Physiotherapy services
Medical checkup and follow up care
Pre Vocational Training

Audio-visual digital Classroom

Technology has changed the face of education in innumerable ways. Learning is no longer limited to classrooms. The advent of new technological tools has made it possible for distantly located students to collaborate with their instructors and peers for learning new skills and acquiring enhanced knowledge. . The Digital Interactive Classroom is packaged with a robust infrastructure that helps schools and students to stand globally competent with the help of state-of-the-art technology, bringing tomorrow's education to us today. Digital Interactive Classroom covers the complete curriculum of the State Board of Secondary Education (SBSE), which gets seamlessly integrated into the school syllabus.

Vocational Training & Rehabilitation Center

In the year 1995 MKT set up a Comprehensive Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre in the service of special youths with afflictions of mental challenges, physical handicap and multiple challenges. Vocational training is imparted to residents and day scholar trainees in the areas of printing press, handloom, arts and crafts, screen –printing , handmade paper making etc. I can and I will is etched on every heart – a determination to overcome challenges, a dedication to excel, carved in every mind.

At Smt. Sandra Rajju Shroff Training and Rehabilitation Centre for the Handicapped, children undergo a special training programme, where they participate in activities like screen printing, tailoring, photo lamination, embroidery work and knitting, light engineering and gardening. Established in the year 1995, this "Vocational Centre" has educated hundreds of students and made them independent in life.

Speaking may be a desire for them, Listening only a distant dream But they have it in them to become something! Identifying the potential in the deaf and dumb children, Mahendra Brothers contributed to the creation of Shri Bagmalbhai Laxmichand Parikh Hostel.Equipped with all essential, state-of-the-art amenities, the hostel provides children with all the support and encouragement they need to succeed in life.

What the sun is to earth, Art is to life Essential, Indispensable, Intrinsic! With a deep understanding of this principle, Mr. & Mrs. Kanjibhai Patel initiated Printery (press) & Kalakendra at Manav Kalyan Trust, to enable disabled children to understand the essence of life. From printing to sewing to knitting and more, children are educated and guided in these fields.

Computer Center

Shri Chhimbhai Dandikar Computer Education Centre
It is very well observed that if the inner strength of the despaired children is guided well they can work wonders. Giving Parallel type of opportunity to such children for computer education can be a wonderful thing for them. Honorable Union Cabinet Minister for Textiles , Shri Kashirambhai Rana alloted a handsome amount from his M.P.'s Fund for this purpose along with courtesy extended by the family and friends of Late Shri Chhimbhai Dandikar (UK). This is how computer center came into existence in Manav Kalyan Trust. All Deaf Students from v th standard onwards are given Computer Training so that they can join the main stream of society.

Physiotherapy Center
in order to deal with the physical demands of our school children, the institute possesses a physiotherapy unit with all sophistication. Having a qualified fulltime Physiotherapist in it, we strive to enhance the capacity of our children towards functional independence. Adding to this child with cerebral palsy, multiple handicapped and other physical ailments, who are coming from in and around the Navsari town are also being trained here. The treatment given is mainly based on Neuro Developmental therapy, which is currently followed in most of the cerebral palsy children. Special facilities are also available in order to improve the sensory integration for young children through Sensory Integration Room. These services are intended to provide preventive, curative and remedial services for children of the age range of 0 to 16 years with delay in milestones, development for about 126 Children. A team of professionals consisting of special educator and paediatrician carries out this program. Early intervention program provide individualized care by helping the child to achieve full potential.

Hand Made Paper Manufacturing Unit

Hand Made Paper Manufacturing Unit
This Non-profit project was to set up a Hand Papermaking unit as a part of Vocational training centre at Manav Kalyan Trust, Navsari; for distinctively abled individuals i.e. individuals suffering from hearing impairment, visual impairment and mentally challenged individuals. This project involved setting up the physical workshop space, getting it constructed along with building up all the amenities and also training the teachers as well as students of the organization, to make Handmade paper as well as products out of that very paper. This unit was set up over a period of April 2013. The main focus of this project was Motivation, Training, Information dissemination, technical assistance and providing a vocation to distinctly enabled individuals, so that they be able to make an honest living. It has been innate to the working of Clay Club that such a system be realized. Now as such a venture is about to start, we would like to lay down not only its material parameters for governance but also moral and ethical parameters, which guided us throughout.

Dental Care Unit
As a part of up-gradation process of our team of health care professionals, we have started with dental care unit which is headed by Dr. Abdul Wahid, Visiting Dentist. Our dental care objectives are not only treatment oriented but focuses on comprehensive interception and prevention through various aids like fluorides, varnish, pit & fissure sealants, brushing technique demonstration & training.